The Great British Bake Off Final Tonight

This is it. Just one more episode remains of our beloved The Great British Bake Off in its current form. In September it was taken by Channel 4 for £75 million and lost three out of its four stars in the process. Judge Mary Berry and presenters Mel and Sue swiftly decided that they did not want to "follow the dough", leaving Channel 4 with Paul Hollywood and a big tent. 

It’s the final, and a difficult farewell for audience members who have just one last chance (we’re not counting a couple of Christmas specials to come) to watch Mel, Sue, Mary and Paul, the original gang of four, as the show leaves the BBC.

But let’s try to forget that the most popular programme on British television has been dismantled overnight and turn our attention to the three remaining contestants. 

They are an evenly matched little group and it’s a real seesaw of a last round, despite (gasp!) not one but TWO “Hollywood handshakes” very early on. 

The showstopper is immense, comprising 49 different items and a lot of elements. “I’m expecting perfection,” says Paul Hollywood, as proud families, friends and other Bakers gather for a picnic and to watch the coronation of the winner.

What a shame its gone to pieces but lets enjoy the final.

See  it tonight on BBC One, Wednesday 26 October at 8pm. The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice follows on BBC Two on Friday at 9.30pm

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