Wedding Jewellery Trends for 2015

Whether you are newly engaged or have been planning your wedding for years, you will want to get acquainted with some of the newest bridal jewellery looks. Here are some of the top predicted trends for 2015.

Newly engaged couples are frequently choosing coloured stones instead of the classic white diamond. Zirconia, topaz, sapphires and coloured diamond stones are also popular choices. 
The movement away from pure white is also being seen at weddings. It’s not just dresses that are getting a pastel make over! Wedding jewellery is also featuring coloured gem stones to go with the bride’s increasingly non-traditional gown.

Rose gold
The trend for coloured gem stones has been accompanied with an increase in the popularity of rose gold. The trend to wear silvery platinum and titanium jewellery has continued, but is now being mixed with rose and the more traditional yellow gold. 

The Roaring 20s
Decadence is always en vogue with brides and 1920s fashions are as popular as ever. Jewellery trends include elaborate filigrees and other art deco looks, according to the Daily Telegraph. Zamsoe has a wide range of art deco inspired jewellery designs that make the perfect bride or bridesmaid gifts.

The move away from pure whites in wedding jewellery and fashion has been accompanied by a shift towards naturalistic trends. Head pieces and tiaras are increasingly decorated with leaf motifs and flowers.

Costume jewellery
It’s not just veils and tiaras that 2015 brides are adorning themselves with. Brooches and earrings are increasingly popular among modern brides, so if you want to look your best as you walk down the aisle and help set the trend for the coming months, think about these kind of accessories.

Zamsoe has jewellery designed for weddings and in particular the wishing of luck is designed into the 

Bring Me Luck And Love Wedding Brooch.  If you are wanting something personalised for that special day then Zamsoe should be a first port of call.

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