Wedding Trends 2016.

Recent years have seen brides rush to recreate their version of a royal wedding or something straight off a Pinterest board. But as we greet 2016, it’s clear brides are much more interested in going down the aisle their own way. “Couples today want a wedding that showcases who they are, that’s a fun experience and that won’t look or feel dated.

Some trends to look out for are;

  • Bright on. Metallics are surprisingly versatile.
  • Hometown heroes. In a trend some call “the new destination wedding,” couples are increasingly looking for ways to bring in elements of places that hold special memories
  • Just dreamy. The key to setting a romantic mood? Ambience.
  • Be seated. Couples are moving away from a reception layout based on large round tables, which has a tendency to feel too much like a conference event, and are instead opting for either very long, rectangular tables or a mix of long tables surrounded by smaller square and round tables — all for a more intimate vibe. 
  • Barns remain a strong venue trend.

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